Where can you find your team’s results?

If you are a manager of a team or department, you will find the team results for this team on My Internetspiegel.

As soon as the results are available, Effectory will send you an email with a link to My Internetspiegel. You can log in with your own password via this link. You can find the responses and view your team’s results on My Internetspiegel. By clicking on the various tabs in the taskbar at the top, you will be able to navigate between the response and the results.

Downloading and printing reports?

You can also view the results on My Internetspiegel or download them to a PDF or PPT file. You will find the results by clicking on the top of the taskbar on the ‘Results’ tab. The information under ‘Result & Action’ is the same as the information in the PDF report. The button for downloading the results in PowerPoint and PDF are found on the right of your screen.

Results for various groups?
If you, as a manager, have access to the results of multiple groups, you will be able to find the various team reports by navigating with the button below (left of your screen).


Working with the results?
The results will be presented in an interactive manner. You can scroll through the results and pin (save) certain views so that you can use them for your action plan. That way, you will always know which score or insight you have based a certain action on.

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